Sunday, March 09, 2008

Robert Lenkiewicz

This fine “Lovers Meeting”, Project 5: Love and Mediocrity,
Watercolour, signed bottom right, 23 x 23cm,
will be sold in Devon in the month of april 2008.

This “Love and Mediocrity project” surveyed a wide range of assumptions and expectations about human relationships.

Robert Lenkiewicz was born in London in 1942 to parents who were Jewish refugees from Russia. He attended school at St Martins, Charing Cross Road before going to the Royal Academy, where he taught and lectured.

"The experimental lover finds that a constant sequence of breakdowns in relationships is supported by the softened edges of previous 'reflections' and 'refractions'.”

Robert Lenkiewicz hoped that his library and work could stay together and that it might serve the function of an entirely non-commercial museum for the sole purpose of the provocation of thought.


Keith Nicholls, “Robert Lenkiewicz-The Artist And The Man”

Catalogue by Sothebys. “Paintings and drawings from the studio of the late Robert Lenkiewicz.”

By the artist: “Robert Lenkiewicz Paintings and Projects”
Editor: Mallett Francis.



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