Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pierre-Joseph Redouté

This fine watercolor was sold in London on July 5th.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté (Saint-Hubert 1759-1840 Paris)
A blue iris, a geranium and a white poppy
signed 'P. J. Redouté'
pencil, watercolour on vellum, (23.2 x 17.3 cm.)

Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759 - 1840), was a Belgian painter and botanist, known for his watercolours of roses, lilies and other flowers. He was nicknamed "The Raphael of flowers".

Becoming acquainted with the work of Flemish and Dutch flower painters Jan I Brueghel, Rachel Ruysch, Jan van Huysum, Jan Davidszoon de Heem, and Cornelis van Spaendonck, Redoute became an heir to the tradition.

From 1817 to 1824 he produced the work that was to become the peak of his success, namely the monography "Les Roses" in an excellent print by Firmin Didot.

If you are intending to buy an original very rare, large paper copy of this book, click here.
The price is about : 950,000 US$. (3 vol., 1817-1824)

Musée Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Rue Redouté - 11
6870 Saint Hubert - Belgique

for info click Musée.

photograph: masterwatercolors
copyright: Christie's London.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Materurbium said...

enjoying your blog. nice watercolors.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's my pleasure
and thanks!

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Materurbium said...

I'm curious what your site is about. just posting up various watercolors you like? or is your own work up there too? I'm also a big fan of egon schiele. I live in Prague right now, and he's very famous here for his paintings of Cesky Krumlov. And I recently saw some great Turner paintings in Sheffield, England. All very excellent.

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My answer asap!

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's my intention to show that watercolors were highly estmated valued since all times. And for myself it is a help to remember what I discovered in this field.
One of the great actual watercolorists for instance is: José Parlá.
You can find some of my own work here:

PS: Egon Schiele was a genius.
Best regards, I hope to visit Prague one day ...


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