Thursday, April 05, 2012

Expo Bonvin, Baltimore USA

Born in the Parisian suburb of Vaugirard (FR) in 1834, Léon Bonvin had artistic ambitions from an early age. Bovin's earliest drawings were small, somber charcoal and ink sketches of his bleak environment.

By outlining the forms in sepia-toned ink, Bonvin achieved distinctive, almost photographic effects in his watercolors. In January 1866 he traveled to Paris to try to sell his watercolors. The day after an art dealer refused his work, the despairing artist hanged himself in the forest of Meudon. A posthumous sale of his watercolors raised over 8,000 francs to benefit his destitute family.

Thanks to Walters’ enthusiasm for the artist, the Walters Art Museum has the largest holding of Bonvin’s works in any public collection.

(source: The Getty Museum)

Léon Bonvin: Watercolours
Until 20 May 12
Walters Art Museum
Baltimore USA


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