Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jo Fox

David Gluck Award - "Games we play" by Jo Fox.
21st Century Watercolour 2009 Open Competition, London.
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This painting appeared to be a variation on collage. It was difficult to work out whether the paper went down without colour and then was painted or whether the collage involved the use of painted papers.

Jo Fox studied at Exeter and Croydon College of Art in Theatre Design. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy, The Battersea Contemporary Art Fairs, the Affordable Art Fairs, ArtLondon and the Islington Art Fair as well as in Glasgow and New York.

" The work builds into sections, resulting in the use of blocks or squares to divide or contain areas of the painting. Using materials such as fine plaster and paper of varying thickness, the layers are built up." (Jo Fox)

Artists were invited by the "The Royal Watercolour Society" to submit works to this competition.

Exhibition 21st Century Watercolour 2009 Open Competition
Bankside Gallery
48 Hopton Street
Still to Sun 15-Mar-2009.

Jo Fox exhibited with Quantum Contemporary Art since 2003.
You can find more of her works here.

Thanks to Veronica, Bankside Gallery.
Copyright by the artist.



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