Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maurice Estève

The Cicada, 1956.

Maurice Estève was born in Culan, France on May 2, 1904, he died there at 97 years old. He became very young passionately fond of art, drawing regularly while he was even not 8 years old!

Estève was largely self-educated, having only attended the free studio of the Colarossi academy in 1924, where he tried to constructively implement of his motifs according to the model of Georges Braques and Fernand Légers, thus creating a kind of Cubist Fauvism.

His art met consecration in 1987, with a museum created in the Hotel des Echevins (Bourges), in which 125 works he donated two years earlier were exposed. He is highly respected as one of the biggest painters of our time, Estève was a draftsman and a great watercolourist, an etcher, an exceptional lithographer (his first work was made in 1955 at Mourlot’s workshop); collages also constituted separate creations.

"Je ressens plus intensément la nature dans laquelle je suis plongé par les formes que je redécouvre que dans l'univers dans lequel je vis."


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