Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kees Verwey

Still live with grapes and a book
signed and dated '95
watercolor 37x55 cm
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This magnificent watercolor will be sold in Den haag, The Netherlands on May 13th.

Painter Kees Verwey (1900-1995) of Haarlem, one of the best portrait painters of the twentieth century, was able to capture character like no one else, creating hundreds of portraits throughout his long life. The paintings, watercolours and drawings have been selected from the collections of the Kees Verwey foundation and the Frans Hals Museum.

Verwey was 33 when he had his first exhibitions in Haarlem and The Hague. A mere three years later, the Gemeentemuseum was already buying his work.

“It is by the very limitation of the space to which one restricts oneself that one gains access to those regions which lie deeper (…) So a bowl, a jug or an egg can become (…) an unimaginable source of beauty.”



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