Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ada Góth-Löwith

During a visit at Domburg and Veere, (The Netherlands) we had the opportunity to discover this beautiful watercolor of Ada Góth-Löwith. It is exposed in an exposition at the Scottish Houses called : ‘VEERSE JOFFERS’ or "YOUNG LADIES OF VEERE".

Scottish Houses? At the beginning of the 16th century, trade with Scotland became important to the Island of Walcheren. In 1541, after considerable effort, Veere was granted staple-rights to Scottish Wool for the Low Countries, encouraging Scottish merchants to establish themselves there on a permanent basis.

Another fine watercolor by Jemmy van Hoboken is exposed at Veere. Look at the composition of both young ladies ...
Until November 1st 2009.
Kaai 25/27,Veere, The Netherlands.

photographs: m.w.
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