Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cornelia Schleime

This magnificent watercolor of Cornelia Schleime (* 1953) will be sold in Berlin next Tuesday (to-morrow).
Aquarell auf Büttenpapier , 57 x 76 cm .
Photograph: Doebele.

" I paint, therefore I am"

Cornelia Schleime, born in 1953 in East Berlin, is a well-established name on the German art scene. She studied Grafik und Malerei in Dresden.
In 1979 she founded one of the first East German punk bands, and in 1981, the year after her graduation from art school, she was blacklisted by the authorities and forbidden to exhibit her work.
Cornelia Schleime is an artist who has never let herself be taken over, neither then in the DDR, nor later by the western artworld. Parallel to her life, her art changed.
She was never content with what she had just achieved, she never fixed herself to a style she had found. Her paintings still are a living part of herself.

"Du bist verrückt mein Kind, Du musst nach Berlin,' wo die Verrückten sind, da gehörst Du hin!" (You are a fool my child, you must go to Berlin, where all the fools are found, there your place should be! (mother of Cornelia)

Important litterature:
Erotische Aquarelle Von Cornelia Schleime
(Schleime et Al.) Click left: Amazon: 1 ex. signed.
C. Schleime "Weit Fort".

(Japanese) "From Face to Face"
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Cornelia at home with her dog "Jackie"
Foto: HUREK.

Texte: E. Gillen


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