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Louise Bourgeois

"Triptych for the red room"

Etching and watercolor, Collection Xavier Tricot, Ostend.

PMMK, Ostend. Museum voor Moderne Kunst.

“A Visit to Ensor to visit.” (Until 29 August 2010)

Louise Bourgeois was born in Paris in 1911 on Christmas day.

After graduating from the Sorbonne in 1935, where she concentrated on math and philosophy, Bourgeois studied at art schools such as the École du Louvre, Atelier Bissière, and the École des Beaux-Arts. Three years later she enrolled in classes taught by the Modernist artist Fernand Léger,

In 1938, she married American art historian Rover Goldwater and moved to New York. There, she began her artistic career as a painter and printmaker but eventually turned to sculpture in the late 1940’s. Her abstract work incorporates the use of bronze, plaster, marble and latex. In 1933, Bourgeois represented the United States at the Venice Biennale.

The career of Louise Bourgeois has spanned almost seventy years. "My early work is the fear of falling. Later on it became the art of falling. How to fall without hurting yourself. Later on it is the art of hanging in there" (Destruction of the Father).

From a sketchbook of Louise exposed at Ostend.
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“ Everyone should have the right to marry. To make a commitment to love someone forever is a beautiful thing. ”

Louise Bourgeois in Athens Expo now.

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