Saturday, April 28, 2012

T. Venkanna


T. Venkanna
Hungry for Life, 2012
watercolor on paper
76 x 56 cm

"His interest is in the “simple act of day-dreaming wherein we escape from the harsh realities of this world via an undisturbed and uninterrupted flight of imagination.” 

On Brussels Art Fair a few days ago we had the opportunity to see this fine watercolor of
T. Venkanna who was born in 1980 in Gajwel, Andhra Pradesh.
He lives and works in Baroda, India.

Since the association of Gallery Maskara with T. Venkanna, he has found both critical and commercial success in India and abroad. Works that were languishing in his studio for years together can today be found in the prestigious Saatchi collection, Burger collection, Swagemakers collection and dozens more across the globe.

Courtesy: Gallery Maskara, Mumbai.

photograph: masterwatercolors copyright 2012 


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