Sunday, October 29, 2006

Paul Jackson

"Blue Steel" Arches 260lb cold press paper. 24x24".
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Born in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, and raised in Starkville, Mississippi, Paul began painting in college at Mississippi State University. In 1992 he received a Master's in Fine Art from the University of Missouri. Since then his artwork has received top honors in national and international competition, graced the covers of many magazines and books and inspired many people. He is a signature member of AWS.

Traditionally watercolor has been considered hard to control and too contrary for serious painting. Paul is one of the artists that have elevated this medium beyond a basic sketch, he pushes those boundaries.

The 139th annual exhibition of American Watercolor Society has chosen New York Nightlights, by Paul, for a prestigious honor, the Dong Kingman Award in the month of February of this year.

Watercolor Tip: Winsor & Newton's Blending Medium slows the drying time of colors. Jackson says: "I used to add gum arabic to my rinse water. Every time I rinsed the brush I picked up a little gum arabic. Gum arabic slows down the drying time of the paints, but too much of it on the paper makes the surface shiny. Winsor & Newton's new Blending Medium, in contrast, slows down the drying time without adding a shine."

Nov. 3-5, 2006 :: Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, Pensacola, Florida.

Aquareltip: Een tip van deze kunstenaar Paul Jackson is het mengen van een weinig Arabische gom in het spoelwater voor de borstels. Het papier blijft dan langer vochtig om te bewerken. Winsor & Newton heeft hiervoor ook een "Blending Medium" met dezelfde functie, het nadeel van de glans door de gom is hierbij echter opgelost.

Official website of the artist.

With thanks to the artist. / Photo Paul Jackson.


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