Sunday, August 03, 2008

See you soon!

"Bluttröpfchen" a rare orchid on our path... (Austria 2008)

Will be back first week of September with more important master watercolorists. All ideas and info (photographs, exhibitions etc.) are welcome, send it to our master watercolors headquarters via e-mail (see below).

Masterwatercolors and Google (TM):
"Google does not necessarily include every page of a site. Google applies PageRank considerations to every single page, not just to domains and top pages. ... The irregular heaving and churning of the index ... is called the Google dance." (
It seems that Google (TM) is now crawling our weblog through the internet, as he structure of our weblog has changed. Masterwatercolors is more visible now.

We komen terug begin september met meer beelden van "master" aquarellisten. Het is een boeiende ontdekkingstocht, mocht je wensen bij te dragen om dit weblog veder uit te bouwen, stuur dan je ideeën en info naar onderstaand e-mailadres. Er ligt alleszins nog een lange lijst van kunstenaars gereed... Bedankt voor uw interesse in ons weblog.

Great holidays!
Fijne vakantie!

Txs a lot.



At 8:13 PM, Blogger Carol Carter said...

wonderful blog! thank you for visitng my site. i will check bck with you soon.. and see what you are investigating.




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