Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eric Fischl

Born in New York City in 1948, Fischl began his studies at Phoenix Junior College and got his BFA in 1972 at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia,California. Some of Fischl's earlier works have a theme of adolescent sexuality and voyeurism. He aspires to a mode of figuration that is tense, dramatic and full of body. Fischl wants an overall look that is not too finished, that is consistently "imperfect”.

"The underbelly, carnie world of Ed Paschke and the hilarious sexual vulgarity of Jim Nutt were revelatory experiences for me."

“The not knowing causes such profound anxiety it, in turn, spawns creativity.”

(Eric Fischl)

“ … He does paint with a John Singer Sargentesque facility. With wide brushes, suavely muted colors and what seems to be a languid gestural ease, he captures complex patterns of artificial light, …” (Ken Johnson in The New York Times)

Click on the watercolor detail for Eric Fischl's website.

Upper picture:
"Eric Fischl" by C. Danto, R Enright and S. Martin, 2008.


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