Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paul Delvaux

Drawing and watercolour sold in Antwerp, October 2008.
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Paul Delvaux was born September 23, 1897 in Antheit
(Belgium). Paul followed architecture courses at the Academy
of Brussels, but at the same time followed painting courses
from Constant Montald.

Delvaux, influenced by René Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico, created
meticulous surreal compositions based on Renaissance ideas
of perspective.

In 1950, Paul Delvaux became professor at the "Ecole
Nationale de la Cambre" in Brussels. In 1952 he created the
fresco at the casino of Oostende. In 1955, Paul Delvaux
received the Italian Reggio Emilia-award.

" I have always wanted my colours to sing. "

Paul Delvaux Museum

The watercolor photograph is property of Masterwatercolors


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