Friday, May 14, 2010

Jan I Brueghel

Diana and her nymphs spied upon by satyrs.
Parchment, 55 x 71,5 cm. This fine and very rare drawing with watercolor / bodycolor by the famous "velvet" Brueghel (John I) will be in auction to-morrow in Cologne, Germany.

Jan I Brueghel (Brussel, 1568 - Antwerpen, 1625) was born in a family of Flemish painters and lived and painted in Antwerp, Belgium. He was the second son of Pieter Brueghel The Elder (1525-1569). He collaborated with many of his contemporaries, most famously with Rubens and Hendrik van Balen. Besides historical scenes, paradisiacal images of animals, and genre scenes, he was above all a painter of landscape and of flower pieces.

Literature: Klaus Ertz: Jan Brueghel der Ältere, Nr. 355.

Detail, click to enlarge.

Photo: masterwatercolors.


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