Monday, April 23, 2007

Paula Fiebich AWS Award 2007

Venetian Gold, (22 x 291/2 in.)
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Paula F. Fiebich, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, has become a local and nationally recognized artist for her watercolors and artwork. Having exhibited for the National Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society along with several local shows has resulted in invitations to purchase and exhibit her work. She is the recipient of the American Watercolor Society’s Gold Metal of Honor for 2007 in New York City. This is one of the highest awards for watercolor achievement.

Paula has 27 years of experience in artistic careers and has been engaged in various creative projects throughout that time. She currently is a Designer/Alias Sculptor for General Motors Design Studios in Warren, Michigan and previously was employed as a staff artist in the toy industry.

Projects to her credit include not only watercolors in gallery exhibits but also colored pencil drawings in a local gallery. Through General Motors, she became involved in a local charity in which her artistic “3D” masks were auctioned. She also became involved in artwork for funds to be raised for the renovation of “Meadowbrook Hall” during the “Concourse D’ Elegance” car show held annually in the Detroit area.

Paula’s love of anything Italian or French, has made this a predominate theme in much of her artwork.


This painting, “Venetian Gold” was totally inspired by a trip to Venice, Italy. The mask, handmade by artisans in Venice, was purchased by me in a quaint shop there. The “scarf”, a Versace inspired designed in the background, comes from Florence. I was attracted to the pattern immediately. Together, my intent was to create a sort of mystical, renaissance feel to the painting. I so love Italy and continue to be inspired each time I have the privilege of visiting.

Afbeeldingen van aquarellen van winners in de prestigieuze jaarlijkse Amerikaanse tentoonstelling van AWS kan je hier vinden. De belangrijkste award, de Gold Medal of Honor, werd gewonnen door Paula Fiebich met de toepasselijke titel "Venetiaans Goud".

De organisatie bestaat sinds 1886 en is dan ook meer dan een eeuw jong. Eén van de leden was onder andere Samuel Colman die voor zijn "Storm King on the Hudson" inspiratie vond bij William Turner.

With thanks to the artist. / Photo Paula Fiebich.


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