Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lian Zhen

Orchid2 , Spontaneous Style, hang scroll, 18"x36"
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Lian Zhen started sketching and painting since he was ten-years old and continue as his hobby when he was a family physician in Canton Province, China. In 1985 he immigrated to the United States. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996. He has many shows in the US, Hong Kong and China.

"Worst mistake you can make is to take painting too seriously. Just have a good time with it. Remember, not everyone can be a master, but everyone can have fun."

Simple media are used such as liquid ink and “Marie’s” Chinese watercolors, which are more opaque than traditional watercolors. Chinese brushes have the ability to contain more water and pigment than their Western counterparts. Raw rice papers have strong absorption and blending capabilities. For spontaneous style, Shuan paper is used. This is a very thin absorbent paper that has the ability to spread paint like no other. For the detailed work Lian Zhen uses “mature” Shuan paper, sized to give it a shimmering sparkle.

"Painting for me is a spiritual process, I enjoy watching color flow from one corner of the painting to the other. One by one, each stroke reveals the next, connecting heart to arm, to hand, to fingers, and then onto the paper. It’s like a life force passing from me to the picture. "

Chinese Watercolor Painting Techniques - Painting Animals, published in December 2004

Chinese painting material

Official website of the artist.

With thanks to the artist. / Photo Lian Zhen.


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