Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ewa Karpińska

"Aquarelle, la lumière de l'eau."
livre de Ewa Karpińska.
(Cliquer sur l'image)

een absolute aanrader! en nog steeds voorradig ...

"Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting offers practical answers to the most frequently asked questions and provides clear and sound advice on all the wet-on-wet watercolour techniques. Ideal for those with a basic grasp of watercolour painting. The book begins with an introduction to the tools and materials needed for the medium and how to use them, looking at the different types of brushes, papers and paints. This is followed by an exploration into wet-on-wet. Simple exercises help explain the techniques backed up by a selection of paintings which are broken down into step-by-step stages to provide further inspiration. Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs throughout as well as step-by-step artworks and diagrams on the theory of colour, this is an essential practical guide for anyone interested in this popular and satisfying medium.

Watercolour is the medium of choice for visual artists today, and this practical new guide to is sure to top the list of must-have resources for beginners and experienced alike. Everything watercolourists need to bring their vision alive on paper is here: how to follow the inner rhythm of the water; when to reflect and when to take instant action; and how to choose the appropriate surface, colour, and brushstroke to achieve the most effective results. All wet-on-wet techniques are explored and lavishly illustrated, and a series of vibrant artworks breaks down the watercolour process into stages to provide further understanding and inspiration."

This book can be found both in the English and French languages on the internet.

« Ewa KARPINSKA est une élève de Jean-Louis MORELLE, peintre aquarelliste… : comme lui elle n'a de cesse que d'apprivoiser, dans chacune de ses oeuvres, le cycle de l'eau, maîtrisant à merveille les effets de cette technique incomparable. » (Vero)

« Eau des deltas des fleuves posée, assagie;

comme dans le pays de mon père … »

(Ewa Karpińska)


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous DavidO said...

Ewa captures the magic of colour in water beautifully, similar to Jean-Louis Morelle. The book is worth getting but I guess the translation into English was done by someone who does not understand the medium. It could have been much better.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments David!
We had the opportunity to work together with Ewa for a week making watercolors.
Ewa's inspiration is endless. She is a fantastic artist. Top-top-top.

alias paul scorpion


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